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About Us

Echoes is a Minecraft community, founded on August 1st of 2017. Our main server, Echoes: Vanilla, features a large variety of unique commands and custom data packs that provide a substantial twist on vanilla Minecraft gameplay. Echoes is a server for the unorthodox and bizarre. If you're struggling to find a server where you fit in, this is the place for you.



Echoes Logo

As a child, fleeing, trying his body
among trees, feeling the wind, even
then knowing treasures that surprised

him, he cried "I am glorious! it is a
secret that must not be kept from them!"
and saw his voice in the sky's clamors.

And they heard him full of castles
cannons and sharks as he made up the
illustrations for these people, they

sighed over the spectacle and sent him
compliments lest he make a noise or
scandal. He smiled at their solicitude.

At their insistence he pranced higher,
not happy in their excessive interest,
uneasily older by their seriousness.

They were always crying! he noticed
and turned away to meditate. But now
the tears seemed closer and too loud!

He knelt, his ear next to his heart, thus
striking an attitude of insight. Ah!
his heart ached like Niagara Falls!

"What have you done?" he screamed "I was
not like this when you came!" "Alas,"
they sighed, "you were not like us."

Frank O'Hara